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Truth About Ab Circle Pro - Does Ab Circle Really Work?
Published By John Davenport on 2011-10-18 2214 Views

One of the most popular fitness products in the world today (and for a while now) is the Ab Circle Pro abdominal trainer. It's sold tens of thousands of items all over the world. It's no wonder really as this machine certainly looks like a lot of fun to use and the infomercial is very appealing.

But before you begin imagining yourself working out for 3 minutes each day and having flat and sexy abs, let's find out what is the truth about the Ab Circle Pro. Is this machine alone really enough to deliver all these fantastic results? Does the Ab Circle really work?

This is a difficult question to answer in a way which will not be totally negative to the overall performance of this machine. Yes, you can do an abdominal workout with the Ab Circle. Yes, you can even work your thighs and buttocks with it. Yes, it's easy to set up and store in your house and it's easy to use. However, what you care about most of all is the kind of results you can hope to get with this product.

Basically, what the ad makes you feel is that you can pretty much use this machine and lose belly fat and get flat abs as a result. Even though there are proper disclaimers on their website and so on, it is the nature of advertising to paint the rosiest picture possible and I see no problem with that.

The problem is that you may get disappointed and I don't want that to happen to you. Not at all.

You aren't likely to get flat abs by using the Ab Circle Pro. That's the truth. It's not something that's specifically wrong with this machine. This is true for all abdominal exercise machines. None of them can provide you wil flat abs. None.

The truth of how our body burns fat is the reason. Most people find it logical that you can burn fat from a specific body part by doing targeted exercises. I used to believe it too. It makes sense, you do crunches or work with the Ab Circle so you should burn belly fat, right? Wrong. Our body simply doesn't work that way.

Just like you can't choose to which body part the calories in the food you eat will go so you can't choose from which body part you will lose fat. It doesn't matter which muscles you workout. You don't burn belly fat specifically, you either burn body fat in general or not at all.

Doing stomach workouts can help you burn body fat, but far less than what is implied in those infomercials. Fat loss is a process which involves cardio, full body strength training, and the right diet plan. It's just not as easy as working out with any fitness machine for 3 minutes a day. It doesn't work that way.

Check out this review of the Ab Circle Pro for more info

The Ab Circle may be fun to use and it may even be helpful. However, you will need more to get the optimal results that you seek. Really make a change in your life by working out and eating better and you will see results.



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