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Exercises to Get 6 Pack Abs in 2 Weeks
Published By John Davenport on 2011-10-14 234 Views

In this article I want to share with you some killer exercises to get 6 pack abs in 2 weeks. Naturally, this will only be possible if you maintain a healthy diet and if you're not very overweight. These exercises would still work in that case but it might take longer to get flat abs, that's all.

Before we get started with the actual exercises you need to remember that in order to get a 6 pack, you need to burn belly fat. Building stomach muscles is important but not nearly as getting rid of the excess belly fat.

The reason is that the fat tissue lies closer to the skin than the muscle tissue so it's basically covering it. Unless you remove the blanket of fat, you will never see the formation of the muscles beneath.

In addition, you need to remember that you can't burn fat from your abs specifically by doing stomach workouts, as the body burns fat from all over and not from the body part you train. So, in order to get a six pack in 2 weeks you need to focus on those exercises that burn the most fat.

Here are some of these fat burning exercises:

Squat and dumbbell swing - You grab a dumbbell in both hands, hold it with outstretched arms in front of you between your legs. Then, go into a squat. When you rise, swing the Dumbbell straight up in an arc over your head. This way, you work both the lower and upper body and burn a lot of calories and fat.

Push up and jump - Go down into a push up, rise back to starting position, rise up to a stand and jump high by bringing your knees toward your chest. Land, go into a push up and another jump. Do this a few times and you'll be huffing and puffing and sweating profusely.

Lunge and bicep curl - Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Go into a lunge while holding the dumbbells straight down. When you rise from the lunge back to the starting position, do a bicep curl as well. You're working multiple muscle groups which is always an excellent way to burn more fat and will certainly help you to get a six pack abs in 2 weeks.

I love exercises that work multiple muscle groups. You can probably find out a few more variations yourself. Combine these with a good diet and you will see results.

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